Extractor Caja Metal Iso Box
  • Extractor Caja Metal Iso Box

Extractor Caja Metal Iso Box

Silent extractor for air renewal in your indoor marijuana grow. Extractor mounted in a high quality and light weight metal box, ideal for mounting in cabinets or plasterboard ceilings that cannot support too much weight. The extractor is served with the crowns and clamping anchors mounted. Different powers.

Potencia: 750 m³/h

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Soundproofed ventilation box, made of sheet metal. Powerful internal motor, it is served assembled, with crown sleeves and clamping anchors.

- 750 m3 / h

Dimensions: 35x35cm
Inlet diameter: 200mm
Outlet diameter: 200mm

- 1500 m3 / h

Dimensions: 45x45cm
Inlet diameter: 250mm
Outlet diameter: 250mm

Air Fan
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