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Dart Drip Dropper (100 units) - Floraflex
  • Dart Drip Dropper (100 units) - Floraflex
  • Dart Drip Dropper (100 units) - Floraflex

Dart Drip Dropper (100 units) - Floraflex

The Dart Dripper from FloraFlex is an advanced dripper designed for the precise and uniform distribution of water and nutrients directly to the root zone in crop irrigation systems. Its innovative and user-friendly design makes it an ideal tool for maximizing irrigation efficiency and crop performance, thereby saving water and nutrients.


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Uniform Distribution: The Dart Dripper is designed to distribute water and nutrients evenly directly into the root zone, ensuring optimal hydration and the availability of essential nutrients.

Consistent Flow Rate: It offers a constant flow rate, providing reliable irrigation.

Simple Connection: Equipped with a quick-connect tip, the Dart Dripper is easily inserted into irrigation lines, simplifying installation and replacement.

Flexible: Compatible with various irrigation systems and pipe sizes, allowing integration into different cultivation setups.

High-Quality Materials: Made from durable, UV-resistant materials, the Dart Dripper is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Clog-Resistant: Its design minimizes the risk of clogs, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow even under intensive use conditions.

Adjustable Angle: The dripper’s design allows for adjustment of the irrigation angle, offering flexibility in flow direction and adapting to different planting patterns.

Ideal for Various Crops: Perfect for use in irrigation systems for substrate crops, hydroponics, vertical gardens, and more.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Works effectively in both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments, making the Dart Dripper a versatile solution for diverse applications.

Irrigation Optimization: Enhances irrigation efficiency by delivering water and nutrients directly to the root zone.

Waste Reduction: Minimizes water and fertilizer waste by ensuring they are applied only where needed.

Growth Improvement: Promotes healthier and more vigorous plant growth by ensuring they receive the appropriate amount of water and nutrients consistently.


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