Azufre WG Micronizado 750 g
  • Azufre WG Micronizado 750 g

Azufre WG Micronizado 750 g

Micronized sulfur for the control of fungi and pests. Sulfur modifies the PH of the leaves and stems of our marijuana plants creating a bad environment for pathogens and thus preventing them from settling on our plants. For correct use, a sulfur burner is required, making the treatment more effective and reaching the entire room. It is recommended not to use after the 2nd week of flowering.


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Micronized sulfur with fungicidal and antiplagas action to be used with the sulfur burner.

Sulfur is a mineral whose use is allowed in organic farming (100% organic mineral), with anti-powdery mildew action, with acaricidal effect (to combat red spider mites) and repellent action on insects.

Micronized sulfur is a good ally in marijuana growing rooms and greenhouse crops, since the plants will become infected with fungi or mites. Sulfur modifies the Ph of the surfaces (leaves and stems), preventing pathogens (powdery mildew and pests) from attaching themselves to the parts of our plants. It should be used with caution in the flowering phase or with autoflenses, when the buds begin to appear. An excess of sulfur can cause irreparable burns in our plants.

The safest way to apply sulfur to your crop is by using a sulfur sublimator or burner. You should also bear in mind that at temperatures below 20ºC, sulfur is ineffective.

Product authorized for home gardening, it is slightly toxic for animals and humans, but it can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, keep this in mind when applying it, we recommend using gloves and a mask for greater safety.

Instructions for use Sipcam micronized sulfur powder

  1. It can be used for the treatment and elimination of fungi (powdery mildew, powdery mildew, bold), spider mites and mites in garden, fruit and horticultural plants.
  2. Instructions for use with sulfur sublimator: place at a good height (minimum 30cm above the plants) and time the sublimator so that it works for a maximum of 4 hours, always with the lights off and the extraction off. The internal recirculation fans can continue to work while the sulfur sublimator works since they will disperse them throughout the room improving its effectiveness. If we are going to use it as a preventative continuously, we recommend using it once a week. We will not enter the grow room without having disconnected the burner and having plugged in the extractors 15 minutes before. If it is necessary to access the interior during the treatment, a mask is recommended, and remain exposed to the sulfur gases for as little time as possible.
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