Armario Cultivo SJ Lodge L100
  • Armario Cultivo SJ Lodge L100

Grow Box SJ Lodge L100

Wardrobe indoor growing cannabis Lodge L90, separated into two areas. Can be combined in the same space of indoor cultivation growth compartment for mothers and / or clones in vegetative phase, and one for your flowering marijuana plants. Both compartments have the necessary pre-installation for air inlet and outlet. With dimensions are 90x60x1,35 cm.


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The last member of the Revision 2.50, Lodge L90, this new range is 2 to 1, allows you to enjoy a space of flowering and a growth area in the same vertically separate cabinet. Ideal for flowering and growth or maintenance of mothers and to make cuttings.

The limited amount of these products provides opportunities for installation in small and / or low height, which is a real revolution for indoor growing cabinet featuring two separate spaces spaces.

The characteristics of this model of cabinet are:

Cabinet dimensions are 90x90x135 cm.

The great room has dimensions of 60x60x135 cm, and is ideal for a 150W HPS or 250W bulb. has an outlet for the exhaust pipe of 150 mm, one for Intractor tube of 150 mm and an outlet for cables 75 mm. Also includes one 30x20 cm window.

The small room is divided into two parts, the bottom of 30x60x60 cm, and overhead 30x60x75 cm. What this space are perfect for a fluorescent 2xCFL55W with an outlet for the extraction tube 150 mm and one for 75 mm cables. Also has 2 windows of 30x20 cm.

Supports up to 30 Kg.

Concept 5 tubes: Easy assembly.

Sturdy base.

New more resistant corners.

WaterTray 190D Mylar.

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