Gasmint (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds
  • Gasmint (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds
  • Gasmint (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds

Gasmint (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds

Gasmint is a One Shot Edition feminized strain from Grateful Seeds, arriving to crown itself as the queen of resin. Born from the cross between 26mm and Gushmint (also known as Kush Mints), it inherits the best from its parents, giving rise to a tall marijuana plant with a flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks and tremendous yields. With its predominantly gassy terpene profile with menthol notes and a 7% return, Gasmint is an ideal variety for achieving great results in extractions.

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Gasmint feminized cannabis seeds - Grateful Seeds

Gasmint by Grateful Seeds is clearly an exceptional strain with unmatched resin production, a complex and robust terpene profile, and elite genetics that ensure potency, flavor, and extraordinary yields. Its ability to produce phenotypes with high levels of resin makes it an ideal candidate for high-quality cannabis extractions and concentrates. The combination of vigor, size, and aromatic complexity makes Gasmint a standout choice for growers and consumers seeking the ultimate in innovation and quality in cannabis.

The mother used for this cross is Gushmint, also known as Gushers or KushMints, giving it a robust genetic profile and high THC content. On the other hand, the 26mm, a cross between Alien Wrench and Zcube, is known for its intense gasoline and fruit aromas, as well as its excessive resin production. This genetic background ensures that Gasmint is an elite cannabis strain destined to be a valuable asset in any breeding program.

Gasmint is a vigorous plant that grows strong and large, with intense-sized buds. This vigorous "beast" grows to impressive heights and produces monstrous yields, making it an option that growers cannot ignore. The strain typically completes its flowering in 8-9 weeks, which is relatively fast considering the size and production of the plant.

Gasmint's terpene profile is robust and leans dominantly towards gassy, combined with delightful menthol tones and, depending on the phenotype selection, even hints of grape soda and onion.

GASMINT (Grateful Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: 26mm x Gushmint
Genotype: Hybrid

Flowering Time: 55-65 days
Height: Tall

Indoor Yield: Very high
Outdoor Yield: Very high

Resin production: Massive, 6-7% "dumper"

Terpene Profile: Gas, Onion, Chem, Grape

Data sheet

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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