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  • Chemical Candy Auto - Green House Seeds
  • Chemical Candy Auto - Green House Seeds

Chemical Candy Auto - Green House Seeds

Chemical Candy Auto is an autoflowering marijuana seed that has been added this 2024 to the catalog of the Dutch seed bank Green House Seeds. It is a cross between the classic Gorilla Glue, known worldwide for its high THC content and its powerful effect, with Sweet Somango Auto.

Chemical Candy Auto is an easy-to-grow strain that will be ready to harvest in just 8-9 weeks from seed germination. Medium-sized marijuana plant with good branching structure that produces a large number of large and dense flowers covered with thick trichomes, inherited from the Gorilla, which give the buds a crystalline appearance.

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Chemical Candy Autoflowering marijuana seeds - Green House Seeds

New autoflowering cannabis seed from Green House Seeds: Chemical Candy Auto is an hybrid resulting from the cross between Gorilla Glue and Sweet Somango Auto. This genetic lineage promises a potent combination of effects, flavors, and aromas, ideal for those seeking an intense cannabis experience with a quick life cycle.

The relationship with Gorilla Glue brings high potency and a sticky resin profile, while Sweet Somango Auto contributes an exotic fruity aroma and a cheerful cerebral effect. With a THC content of 22%, Chemical Candy Auto positions itself as a robust option for users with high tolerance, offering a powerful experience that combines the best of both worlds: deep relaxation and stimulating euphoria.

With a life cycle of 8-9 weeks from seed germination, Chemical Candy Auto is an ideal variety for growers looking for quick results without compromising quality. This rapid development makes it perfect for multiple cultivation cycles per year, especially in regions with short growing seasons.

The appearance of Chemical Candy Auto is attractive, with dense and resinous buds that reflect the influence of Gorilla Glue in its genetics. Users can expect a medium-sized plant, which compensates for its size with a generous bud production.

The aromatic and flavor profile is defined by a delicious blend of citrus and tropical sweetness from Sweet Somango Auto, with earthy and pungent undertones inherited from Gorilla Glue. This combination creates a complex and enjoyable sensory experience, marked by flavors and aromas that invite repeat consumption.

CHEMICAL CANDY AUTO (Green House Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - 100% Autoflowering

Cross: Gorilla Glue x Sweet Mango Auto
Genotype: 50% Indica - 40% Sativa - 10% Ruderalis

THC: 22%

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8-9 Weeks from germination

Indoor Height: Medium
Indoor Production: Medium/High

Outdoor Production: 160g/plant (approx.)
Outdoor Height: 150 cm (approx.)

Terpene Profile: Pungent, Chemical Grape, Fruity, Mango, Gassy
Effects: Potent, Fast-hitting, Clear Mind, Body Stone

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Mostly Indica

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