Terra Profesional Substrate - CANNA
  • Terra Profesional Substrate - CANNA

Terra Profesional Substrate - CANNA

CANNA Terra Profesional is a nitrogen rich substrate specific for growing cannabis plants. Since they have an ideal PH and EC, you will not need to fertilize for 1-2 weeks.

Opciones: 50 L

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CANNA Terra Profesional Substrate

CANNA Terra Professional is designed for optimal plant growth, incorporating a unique blend of organic ingredients such as aerated peat moss and various types of tree bark that provide antiseptic properties. This premium substrate ensures a rapid and vigorous growth of roots, leading to thicker and healthier stems. The carefully adjusted pH and nutrient levels make it ideal for seedlings, offering vital trace elements and chelates that protect and enhance plant development throughout the growth cycle.

The nitrogen-rich composition of CANNA Terra Professional is unparalleled by conventional garden center soils. It includes a mix of high-quality soil, organic fertilizers, perlite, and a special natural plant stimulant made from organic ingredients. This blend not only promotes exceptional growth but also enhances the overall health and resilience of the plants.

If you are going to grow in soil, this is the soil mix you need.

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