Kilo Mix 50L
  • Kilo Mix 50L

KiloMix Substrate - Atami

Atami's Organics Kilomix is a nutrient-rich substrate perfect for cannabis cultivation, offering an optimal mix of worm humus, lime, guano, and other essential organic materials. This substrate ensures continuous nutrient release, preventing deficiencies and promoting robust plant growth. Ideal for all types of cannabis plants, Kilomix provides a solid foundation for healthy development.

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KiloMix Substrate - Atami

Ata Organics Kilomix contains a higher concentration of fertilizers compared to Ata Janeco-mix, making it an excellent choice for cannabis cultivation. This substrate is enriched with a balanced mix of worm humus, lime, guano, and other vital organic substances, providing everything cannabis plants need for optimal growth.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Worm Humus: Enhances soil fertility and microbial activity, promoting healthy root development.
  • Lime: Helps balance soil pH, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake.
  • Guano: A potent source of phosphorus and nitrogen, crucial for robust root systems and vigorous growth.
  • Other Organic Substances: These contribute to the overall nutrient profile, ensuring a constant and prolonged release of essential nutrients.

Continuous and Long-Lasting Nutrient Release

The professionally balanced nutrient mix in Kilomix guarantees a steady supply of important elements over an extended period. This constant nutrient availability ensures that cannabis plants experience minimal deficiencies, leading to healthier growth and higher yields.


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