Coco Sustrato Atami
  • Coco Sustrato Atami

Cocos Substrate - Atami

Atami Cocos Substrate is a top-quality coconut fiber growing medium. The washed and matured fibers provide excellent water retention and aeration, making it an ideal substrate for cannabis cultivation. It contains enough nutrients for the first week of the growth cycle, after which liquid fertilizers and stimulants can be added for optimal results.

This lightweight substrate ensures rapid nutrient absorption and healthy root development.

Opciones: 50 L

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Atami's Cocos Substrate, Premium Quality Coco Fiber

Atami Cocos Substrate is made from the finest coconut fibers that have been thoroughly washed and matured. This process ensures the fibers have optimal storage capacity, making them an exceptional growing medium for cannabis cultivation.

Initial Nutrient Supply

The substrate contains sufficient nutrients to support plants during the first week of the growth cycle. After this period, growers can add liquid fertilizers and stimulants mixed with water to enhance plant growth and yield.

Optimal Structure for Water and Oxygen Retention

The coconut fiber's perfect structure allows it to retain nutrient-rich water efficiently, making it readily available for plant roots. The lightweight nature of the substrate ensures that roots receive ample oxygen, promoting healthy and robust root systems.

Benefits for Cannabis Cultivation

  • Rapid Nutrient Absorption: The structure of the coco substrate facilitates quick absorption of nutrients by the roots, leading to faster plant development.
  • Healthy Root Systems: The excellent aeration provided by the substrate supports the development of healthy and strong root systems.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various cannabis growing methods, including hydroponics and soil-based cultivation.

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