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Substrate Janeco Light Mix - Atami

Atami Janeco Light Mix is an ideal substrate for successfully growing a wide variety of plants, including cannabis. This lightly fertilized soil ensures delicate plants are not over-fertilized. The mix includes perlite for aeration, maintaining an optimal saturation balance.

Suitable for the first two weeks of cultivation without additional fertilizers, after which liquid fertilizers are recommended for best results.

Opciones: 100 Litros

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Atami's Janeco Light Mix Substrate

Atami Janeco Light Mix is lightly fertilized, making it perfect for delicate plants that are sensitive to over-fertilization. This ensures a safe start for your cannabis plants, reducing the risk of nutrient burn and promoting healthy initial growth.

Enhanced Aeration with Perlite

The inclusion of perlite in Janeco Light Mix keeps the substrate well-aerated. This helps maintain an optimal balance of moisture and air, which is crucial for healthy root development and overall plant health.

Sufficient Nutrients for Initial Growth

This mix contains enough nutrients to support plant growth for the first two weeks of cultivation, depending on the number of plants and pot size. After this period, to achieve the best results, Atami recommends supplementing with liquid fertilizers.

Ideal for Cannabis Cultivation

With an EC value of 1.00 – 1.25, Janeco Light Mix is ideal for cannabis cultivation. It provides a balanced environment that supports healthy growth from the start, ensuring your plants have the foundation they need to thrive.


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