Seaweed powder - Guanokalong
  • Seaweed powder - Guanokalong
  • Seaweed powder - Guanokalong

Seaweed powder - Guanokalong

Seaweed powder, fertilizer obtained from red seaweed extract, rich in micronutrients and macroelements, promoting growth and its defense system, obtaining healthy and strong plants.

Available in 1L, 5L and 25L format.

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Obtained from Gracilaria red algae. Contains macroelements and is very rich in micronutrients. Promotes root structure and plant growth. Increases plant resistance against bacteria and diseases. Regular nutritional supplementation program.


1 cup (50 ml.) per 5 liters of water every week.
Mix 2 cups with 15 liters of soil (1 plant) the first week or use as a compost layer.


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