Chocolate Mint Og Auto - Humboldt Seeds Organization
  • Chocolate Mint Og Auto - Humboldt Seeds Organization
  • Chocolate Mint Og Auto - Humboldt Seeds Organization

Chocolate Mint Og Auto - Humboldt Seeds Organization

"Chocolate Mint Og Auto" by Humboldt Seeds Organization is an autoflowering, feminized hybrid marijuana plant, created by crossing "Chocolate Mint OG" with "OG Kush Auto". The latter ancestor contributes the autoflowering gene as well as a tall and vigorous plant structure.

It's a high-quality Californian cannabis strain, potent, providing high yields in a short period of time.

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The growth of this variety is vigorous from the start, reaching heights of around 150cm outdoors. Indoors, it depends on the pot size and light hours provided, with the optimal option being 20/4h for the best growth and maximum production in 18L pots.

Flowering begins 30 days after seed germination, but it continues to grow until around day 55. It requires 45 days to fully mature its buds, totaling 75 days for the entire life cycle before harvesting.

It can be cultivated outdoors from April to October, with summer being the best season due to the hours and intensity of light available during this time of year.

It prefers dry and warm environments, although it also performs well in humid growing conditions. It requires balanced feeding without nutrient excesses and controlled watering, maintaining around 60% soil moisture during the initial stages.

Staking or the use of nets is a good option to ensure that the branches provide a higher bud production and do not break or bend due to the weight of the flowers. It's also advisable to prune the lower nodes to allow the upper buds to develop properly.

Its production varies depending on its final size. Under ideal conditions and proper nutrition, this autoflowering strain can yield a very high production of up to 200g per plant outdoors, reaching a final height of 150cm. Indoors, its production is between 400 to 600g with a 20/4h photoperiod.

Its flavor stands out for its diesel taste with a hint of pepper over a smooth earthy background, accompanied by intense notes of wood and pine.

The effect of "Chocolate Mint Og Auto" is potent on a mental level, thanks to its high THC levels of 20% to 24% and 0.04% CBD, offering the consumer a rapid onset followed by a feeling of body relaxation, ideal for winding down after a busy day.


CHOCOLATE MINT OG Auto (Humboldt Seed Organization) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - 100% Autoflowering

Cross: Chocolate Mint Og x Og Kush Auto
Genotype: Mostly Indica

THC: 20%

Total Life Cycle: 75 days from germination

Indoor Yield: 400 - 600 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield: 50 - 200 g/plant

Terpene Profile: Diesel, Pepper, Earthy, Woody
Effects: Potent, Mental, Body Relaxation

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Mostly Indica
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