Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W
  • Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W
  • Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W
  • Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W
  • Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W
  • Luminaria LEC Solux Solara D.E. 1000W

Luminaria HPS Solux Solara D.E. 1000W

Complete double-ended luminaire (D.E.) from Solux. Equipment compatible with 1000W HPS bulb. Dimmable power, Soft Start system to avoid overloading the lamp. Possibility of connecting several lamps with the Solux Master controller.
Includes Solux HPS 1000W DE bulb.

Opciones: Luminaria + Bombilla Proton

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Solux introduces this 1000W luminaire for double-cap lamps designed especially for professional applications. Your lamp Solux PRO 1000 D.E. offers the highest efficiency and the highest PAR available in the horticultural industry.

Potentiometer (Dimmer) This unit can regulate the intensity from 600W to 1150W by simply adjusting the dial that is in the ballast itself. Likewise, it can be connected to theSolux Master Controller to control up to 160 luminaires through the RJ port of the equipment. Smart Step Technology Turning the dial on the digital ballast can reduce the output of a lamp when so much power is needed. Simply turn the dial again to go back to the maximum power. Super Lumen The Super Lumen function on the Solara1000 unit will increase the output of the higher power lamp of the ballast to achieve the maximum performance of the lamp. The increase is approximately 10%. Smart Start This revolutionary function, exclusive of our products, makes the digital range of the GC series the safest and most reliable platform when it is used in the application of automated multiple lamps. When several units are connected to the same power supply circuit, our integrated ignition control software will fully balance the power consumption by turning on a lamp at the same time to avoid overvoltages and electrical peaks that can overload the power circuit and circuitry systems. For more With this science, this feature is activated together with our "So ft Start Technology".

Soft Start Technology
The Soft Start technology prolongs the life of the lamp avoiding the overload of the lamp. When the ballast starts, there will be a fixed delay of 3 seconds before the ignition. After ignition there will be a series of random delays of 0-2 seconds before the full brightness is reached after approximately 3-5 minutes. SoftStart technology is also activated by increasing and decreasing the power of the lamp through the 'Smar t-Step' function.

Re-igniting from lamp to hot after a network failure: *
The digital ballast of the Solux series uses a timed reactivation system
which prevents the ballast from reigniting a hot lamp after a cut
of energy. If a hot lamp is detected, the new activation will be delayed by
intervals of 60 seconds until the lamp has cooled sufficiently
to turn on again. The re-ignition is controlled by the software 'SmartStart
Ignition Control 'and' Soft Start Technolo gy '.

Compatibility of the lamps
The digital ballast of the Solux series is suitable for use with all lamps
HPS of good quality, metal halide and metal halide
ceramic (LEC). For a perfect combination guaranteed and the best results,
We recommend Solux horticultural lamps. Solux lamps are optimized
for use with high efficiency electronic ballasts with adjustable output.

Automatic frequency adjustment
The digital ballast of the Solux series automatically adjusts its output frequency
to maintain a constant output regardless of the fluctuations of
power input and lamps aged. This also avoids the "flicker of the lamp".

Circuit protection
The digital ballast of the Solux series uses a sophisticated system of interruption of
circuits controlled by software that is not seen in the ballasts of other manufacturers.
The system protects against a series of faults that include: circuit protection
open, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, protection
Low voltage and protection against high temperature. In the ignition, the ballast performs
a test of 3 seconds of the circuit and, in case of failure, the ballast will go into the mode
of protection to avoid damage to the ballast and the lamp.

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