ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120  Tent
  • ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120  Tent
  • ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120  Tent
  • ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120  Tent
  • ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120  Tent

ECO Grow Kit LED 600/720W - 120x120 Tent

ECO indoor grow kit with LED lighting, with affordable LED panels for a grow tent of 120 x 120 cm. Thanks to the LED lighting our plants will grow healthy and will flower even better, obtaining thick and compact flowers, due to its full spectrum. Gift of 12 feminized or autoflowering seeds.

Choose Grow Tent: Cultibox 120x120x200
Choose lighting: LED Master King 720W

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The ECO LED 600/720W - 120x120grow kit consists of the following common elements:

TT ø125 Extractor for excellent heat extraction and air renewal.

Combiconnect tube 127 x 3 metres

Pure 125/300 odor filter, removes odors from the extractor in full bloom.

Oscillating clamp fan with two power settings to strengthen the stems and prevent hot air pockets.

Digital Timer for turning on and off all the equipment.

Digital Thermohygrometer with probe to control the temperature and humidity of the crop.

Reinforced pulleys, up to 68kg, to raise and lower the lamps comfortably.

Flanges 125mm to fit the tube to the extractor.

Bactohemp 10grs, mycorrhizae to stimulate the roots.

BioBizz Bio Grow nutrient for the growth phase, 1L.

BioBizz Bio Bloom nutrient specific fertilizer for the flowering phase, 1L.

BioBizz Top Max, flowering stimulator, for incredible flowering, 500ml.

Canna PK 13/14, phosphorus and potassium based for the fattening of flowers, 250ml.

Drop test: pH kit, an easy and reliable color test. To know the pH level of a nutrient solution with which we will water our marijuana plants

Terra Aquatica (GHE) pH down, 500 ml.

12 Pots of 7L, to make spectacular plants

12 raised plates of 20cm, to collect the water that the plants drain

12 Feminized seeds as a gift, to choose between some of the delights of AdvancedSeeds or 00Seeds.


Tent to choose:

Cultibox + 120: 420D Mylar Stucco 420D opaque tarpaulin tent with excellent quality/price ratio (120x120x200cm).

Dark Room 120 V3.0: Top quality, very strong and durable tent from Secret Jardin (120x120x200cm).

Dark Box Tower 120: High value for money enclosures made with a 600D Mylar interior for total reflection and covered on the outside with a highly opaque Oxford fabric. What makes the Tower model special is its height, which is 235cm (120x120x235).

LED Luminaire to choose from:

LED Powerlux Matrix 720W: The Matrix 720W LED panel offers performance and quality at an economical price, featuring Samsung LM281b+ and Osram 660nm chips with an efficiency of 2.75 µmol, giving you a luminaire with exceptional light output to stimulate healthy and productive growth of your plants.

LED Master King 720W: The Master King All-in-One LED Luminaire offers the best of LED technology at an unbeatable price, ideal for indoor cannabis cultivation. This luminaire combines Samsung LM281B+ and Osram Oslon 660nm diodes, achieving a full spectrum of light.

LED Lazerlite Complete 720W: Lazerlite 720W LED luminaire, panel with a perfect combination of white and red full spectrum LEDs. As a result we get an optimal light for the whole growing period (vegetative and flowering). Its new driver can be installed directly on top of the luminaire or placed separately anywhere else in your grow room (max. distance 10 meters) and includes a data port with which you can connect all your luminaires to the Lazerlite controller.

LED Lazerlite PRO 720W: The Lazerlite PRO LED is the next step in your indoor marijuana grow. With its Samsung chips and its adjustable and controllable DRIVER it incorporates a design never seen before in its counterparts on the market, as it is integrated inside the frame of the luminaire. The cheapest professional LED light on the market with an efficiency of 2.75 μmol.

LED Powerlux Streetlight 720W: 720W LED lighting panel for indoor growing, with a very high efficiency of 2.8 µmol, full spectrum and dimmable dimmer. Despite its low price, it is equipped with specific LEDs for agriculture, Samsung 301B and Osram Oslon 660nm, which provide a maximum PPF of 2016 µmol/s, thus making the most of the investment.

LED Spider King 680W: 680W luminaire with Samsung and Osram chip, efficiency of 2.8 μmol and 1768 PPFD will allow you to take your crop to the limit of the parameters that your plants can withstand, being able to squeeze the most of its capabilities. Dedicated driver included.

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