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UV Bar 30W - Powerlux
  • UV Bar 30W - Powerlux
  • UV Bar 30W - Powerlux
  • UV Bar 30W - Powerlux

UV Bar 30W - Powerlux

The Powerlux UV complementary bar is the perfect complement to bring out that spectacular extra resin in our indoor marijuana crops, achieving a thick layer of trichomes, which can only be obtained using this type of complementary light; in addition to increasing the organoleptic quality of the final product, generally achieving a flower of much higher quality, and of course, a higher production.


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Ultraviolet light fulfills a multitude of beneficial functions to take into account within our indoor cultivation with which we can significantly increase the quality of our buds both at the level of resin production, which is increased by a large percentage, and at the level of cannabinoids. (mainly THC) and terpenes since photosynthetic metabolic pathways are activated that do not work in the absence of this light, failing to take advantage of the full potential of our genetics when we do not use this spectrum. Of course, these metabolic routes significantly influence the weight and final production of our crop, achieving a much higher benefit.

Another advantage of the application of ultraviolet light is its action against insects and pathogenic fungi in our plants. This type of radiation, while benefiting our plants, negatively influences fungi such as powdery mildew or mildew while harming insects such as red spiders, thrips or whiteflies. By applying ultraviolet (UV) light from the Powerlux bars we will achieve better control over these pests, increasing the health of the crop, thus directly impacting the production and quality of the buds.

On the other hand, not only will we be able to directly improve our plants with UV light, but this type of radiation will also help us maintain prevention and control over all types of insects and fungi that act on the aerial part of the plants, reducing the risk in each crop and guaranteeing success.

Its design will allow you, thanks to its couplings, to easily fit up to 2 30W Powerlux UV bars for each LED luminaire without any type of modification, since in addition to its simple coupling system, each one includes its own driver for greater convenience.

The Powerlux 30W UV bars are manufactured with detail and love using only high quality materials which provide a resistant and robust construction as well as light and with enviable electronics, which makes us enjoy highly efficient light.

2 bars are recommended for each luminaire.


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