PLUS 240W 3.0 LED Luminaire - Powerlux
  • PLUS 240W 3.0 LED Luminaire - Powerlux
  • PLUS 240W 3.0 LED Luminaire - Powerlux

PLUS 240W 3.0 LED Luminaire - Powerlux

Possibly the best solution for indoor cannabis cultivation in small spaces on the market. Assembled with the most innovative components on the market today, it offers very high efficiency, guaranteeing large and heavy productions despite its size, which is ideal for spaces between 80x80cm to 100x100cm maximum.


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Self-cultivator? Do you have a small space? Do not wait more! Growing your own flowers has never been so profitable, economical and easy as now.

Powerlux launches its new line of super compact, high-efficiency luminaires for self-cultivators, setting a quality precedent in the market, since it has been designed with the same protocol as luminaires for professional cultivation, giving a top solution to small farmers with high demands. .

First we will mention its super efficient electronics, which raises the performance of this little beast to an incredible 3.0 µmol/J, literally being the most efficient and advanced panel with these dimensions on the market.

Secondly, we highlight the high-end Samsung 301H + Osram Oslon 660nm diodes, which, like their other components, are at the forefront and occupying first place on the list of the best chips for horticulture. There is no better option! Your plants will be delighted with the carefully selected spectrum for vigorous growth and abundant flowering full of aromas and resin.

Finally, we cannot forget its solid construction in light and resistant aluminum, its dimmer to be able to adjust the luminosity according to the phase of the crop in which we are, using only the energy we need, always reducing costs to a minimum! and even port of data to control it remotely with a controller!


  • Chips: Samsung LM301H + Osram 660nm
  • Maximum power: 240W
  • Efficiency: 3.0 µmol/J
  • Spectrum: Full (growth + flowering)
  • Adjustable dimmer (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • RJ14 data port
  • Plug & Play
  • IP65 certification

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