Master Controller Adjustable Spectrum - Powerlux
  • Master Controller Adjustable Spectrum - Powerlux
  • Master Controller Adjustable Spectrum - Powerlux

Master Controller Adjustable Spectrum - Powerlux

Get full control of your LEDs with the new Master Controller Adjustable Spectrum! Take advantage of its multiple functions and redefine the concept of professional lighting.

From schedule control to the creation of customizable spectrums through countless options that will help you get 100% of the performance in your growing room or closet.

Do you evolve or continue to grow with a single spectrum throughout the entire grow?


  • Luminary Powerlux Plus Adjustable Spectrum 680W + 100W (UV+IR) 
  • Luminary LED Extreme PAR 720W 3.1 Powerlux

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Just as our plants require a different diet for each phase of the crop, they also need a different spectrum for each moment, which is why the step that is being taken in the sector to LED panels with variable spectrum is important, since it seems to us It is inconceivable to use a PK or bud burster in an early cutting phase, nor is it correct to feed the plants with the same spectrum in each cycle. However, this problem comes to an end!

Powerlux Master Controller with adjustable spectrum has an infinite number of useful configurations:

  • 2 independent channels, operating up to 80 LEDs per channel
  • Spectrum selection (growth, flowering, maturation, UV only, IR only...)
  • Luminaire power selectionOn/Off Schedule Setting
  • Sunrise/Sunset Effect Settings
  • High temperature auto dimming
  • Auto shutdown due to excess temperature
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring probe
  • VPD monitoring

The Powerlux Master Controller is not a simple controller, it is an investment in the future, quality and profitability since by having all the information and control in the palm of your hand, you will be able to correct and improve any deviation and thus maximize the profitability of your investment. .


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