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  • No Name - Medical Seeds
  • No Name - Medical Seeds

No Name - Medical Seeds

Cheese x Sensi Star From early flowering. Inherited the characteristic flavor of the Chesse with a sweet touch of licorice. Easy to grow cannabis plant with a short flowering cycle, compact structure and unique terpene profile. Flowering indoor: 55-60 days; Outdoor Harvest: early October.

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No Name feminized cannabis seeds - Medical Seeds

No Name by Medical Seeds is a feminized cannabis variety that combines the unique qualities of two highly respected strains in the world of cannabis, Cheese and Sensi Star. From Cheese, a strain known for its distinctive aroma and flavor, No Name inherits pronounced aromatic notes and a stimulating cerebral effect. On the other hand, Sensi Star contributes potent physical relaxation, high resin production, and resilience during cultivation. The combination of these two genetics creates a variety with a balanced profile of effects and a unique flavor.

No Name develops a typical indica structure, with moderate height, broad leaves, and a compact configuration that makes it easy to grow in small spaces. The plant tends to produce a large and dense central cola, accompanied by several satellite buds of good size and quality.

Indoors, No Name requires approximately 55-60 days of flowering to reach full maturity, allowing growers to enjoy its fruits in a relatively short time. Outdoors, this variety is usually ready to harvest by late September or early October. Its resilience and compact structure make it suitable for both SOG and SCROG cultivation, maximizing yield in controlled environments.

No Name buds are dense, sticky, and covered in trichomes, indicating high resin production. The aroma combines earthy and mossy notes typical of indicas with the characteristic smell of cheese, while the flavor adds spicy and licorice nuances and a slightly sweet undertone, creating a complex and satisfying sensory experience.

With a medium to high THC content, No Name offers an effect that starts with cerebral stimulation, courtesy of its Cheese heritage, followed by deep physical relaxation from Sensi Star, making it ideal for pain relief, stress relief, and promoting sleep.

NO NAME (Medical Seeds) Tech specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: Cheese x Sensi Star
Genotype: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa

THC: 15-20%

Indoor Flowering Time: 7.5-9 weeks
Indoor Yield: 450 g/m2

Outdoor Height: 200 cm
Outdoor Harvest: Early October
Outdoor Yield: 600 g/plant

Terpene Profile: Cheese, Spicy, Earthy, Sweet, Licorice
Effect: Hybrid, Cerebral stimulation, Deep physical relaxation

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