Ozonizador Mini

The main feature of ozone is its high disinfecting power, sterilizing and deodorizing. Eliminates odors, fungi and bacteria from growing marijuana inside.


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Ozone, oxygen-activated form, is produced by a special lamp with its own brightness. The main feature is its high ozone disinfecting power, sterilizing and deodorizing. Eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., producing a space decontamination thereof suppressing undesirable smells and noxious particles.

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 4 cm
Weight: 200 gm
Consumption: 6W
Voltage: 220v
Ozone Production: 8mg / 03 / Hs
Own ventilation if

What is Ozone? It is a gas that forms naturally in storms, mountains and sea.

How do you generate?
Ozotres system uses Ozone Generating lamp (not UV). The ozone molecule after being generated oxygen is transformed into a life of fifteen minutes, this process does not produce risk of danger to persons in an ozonated environment with our equipment and measurement system.

* It destroys the odor without masking
* Removes viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air we breathe
* Eco-friendly, low power consumption
* Easy installation

Ozone-generating lamps are the best and most powerful volatile natural disinfectant (according Applications, 400-2000 times faster and effective than chlorine) forming ozone molecules deposited in the air eliminate microorganisms. Enriching the environment with clean, dry, uncontaminated air.

- With immediate effect.
- To remove bad odors, organic and inorganic, snuff, garbage, kitchens, humidity, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.
- Destroys and removes the harmful compounds from the air, as microorganisms, air, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and dust mites that cause colds, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, etc.
- Total Hygiene: To unable sick pet animals lcales closed to public attendance. In children or elderly people with respiratory problems.
- Powerful high germicidal and fungicidal healing power, oxygenates the blood reinforcing RBCs.
- Creates negative ions. are opposed to the amount of positive ions created in our daily lives, causing malaise.
- Auyenta moths, woodworm, etc. being total absence.

- Delivery and local public
- Bars, restaurants, kitchens
- Pubs, karaoke, discos, cinemas, dance halls
- Hotels, 3rd age homes, hospitals
- Gyms, therapists, masseurs, peluqerías
- Changing rooms, toilets, WC
- Veterinarians, pet shops
- Funeral, industries, offices, shops - Coldrooms, air conditioners
- Tripe shops, farms
- Slaughterhouses, fish, greenhouses
- Drying hams
- Water treatment, cleaning of containers
- Aging processes of Whisky Brandy
- Growing amateur fragrant plants

Ozone is the future for pollution control and treatment of odors.

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