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High quality Australian virgin granulated activated carbon filters RC 412, to prevent the smell of the room from going out through the extractor when the air is renewed. With a large suction surface, these filters have a high level of iodine test and low content of water soluble ash. Each filter includes two shirts.

Medidas: 100/200 - 300M3/H

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PURE FILTER filters are lightweight and feature Australian virgin RC 412 granulated activated carbon and maximized airflow.

RC 412 is a virgin activated carbon, of high quality and formed by the activation of steam at high temperature, under reducing conditions.

It has a moderate to high level of iodine test, a large contact surface and a low content of water soluble ash.

It comes in a strictly controlled granule size.

Each filter includes 2 pre-filters.

Carbon filters are an element that cannot be missing in an indoor grow to guarantee the elimination of odors from our plants. These smells can attract too much attention, so activated charcoal is a good tool to absorb the aroma of cannabis from the air to be evacuated from the grow and thus avoid discomfort.
The Pure Factory Pure Filter filters are perfect for removing odors in indoor crops thanks to their light weight but highly effective thanks to the carbon used and their maximized air flow.
The Pure Filters use a virgin Australian RC 412 activated carbon produced under reducing conditions and activated with high temperature steam. With a large surface area and a low content of water soluble ash, it has a moderate to high level in the iodine test, which makes it highly efficient in odor removal tasks.

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