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Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds
  • Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds
  • Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds
  • Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds
  • Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds
  • Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds

Highway 66 - Paradise Seeds

Highway 66 feminized by Paradise Seeds updates the L.A. Amnesia by crossing it with Gelato #33, creating a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines premium Dutch and American genetics. This marijuana plant has a medium to tall stature and produces large, compact flowers with a high resin content. With a flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks, it can reach 130cm indoors and yield up to 600 g/m2; outdoors, it will be ready to harvest by mid-October, producing up to 1kg per plant. Its fruity haze aroma is complemented by citrusy lemon, floral, and sweet notes. With a THC content of 24%, its effect is potent and long-lasting, making it an ideal strain for daytime consumption for creative tasks or for exercising.

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Highway 66 feminized cannabis seeds - Paradise Seeds

Highway 66 feminized is a new cannabis hybrid that updates the L.A. Amnesia, one of Paradise Seeds' most popular sativa strains launched in 2017 and included in the Tommy Chong's Collection, by crossing it with a Gelato #33 phenotype selected to bring potency and depth of flavor to the cross.

It develops marijuana plants that exhibit a typical hybrid growth pattern, with large, compact flowers and a high resin production, although due to its sativa genes, it needs to be controlled in small growing spaces. Therefore, limiting the vegetative growth phase to 2-3 weeks will help prevent it from stretching too much during flowering. Apical pruning during vegetation is also recommended for a more open growth pattern.

Highway 66 is a variety with good bud production and a relatively short flowering time for a sativa. Indoors, its flowering cycle finishes in about 8-9 weeks, reaching heights of about 130cm and yielding up to 600 g/m2 under optimal conditions. Outdoors, the plants stretch more, easily exceeding 2m in warmer climates, with yields of 1kg per plant.

In terms of its organoleptic properties, Highway 66 emits a pleasant fruity and hazy aroma that is not too intense during cultivation. Once dried, the buds emit a very pleasant fruity and floral aroma. On the palate, a underlying haze flavor can be appreciated, complemented by delicate floral, lemony, and sweet notes. Two phenotypes can be expected: one very resinous with pinkish tones and a more pronounced lemony flavor, and another where sweeter flavors are accentuated.

With THC levels that can exceed 24%, Highway 66 will satisfy those seeking potency. Its effect is immediate and long-lasting, plunging you into a state of happiness and elevation that is perfect for unleashing creativity, making it a good strain to consume during the day without losing energy.

HIGHWAY 66 (Paradise Seeds) Tech specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

L.A. Amnesia x Gelato #33
25% Indica - 75% Sativa

THC: 24%

Indoor Flowering Time:
65 days
Indoor Yield: 600 g/m2
Indoor Height: 130 cm

Outdoor Harvest:
Mid October
Outdoor Yield:
1000 g/plant

Terpene Profile: Fruity haze, Lemon, Sweet, Floral
Potent, Uplifting, Happy, Euphoria

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Mostly Sativa

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