White Berry - Paradise Seeds
  • White Berry - Paradise Seeds

White Berry - Paradise Seeds

White Berry is a feminized cannabis strain developed by Paradise Seeds. It is known for its versatility, high yields, and sweet berry flavor profile. This strain is perfect for growers seeking a robust and productive plant with a delightful and balanced consumption experience. Medium-sized plant with a huge main cola, fast flowering and high yielding.

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White Berry Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Paradise Seeds

White Berry feminized marijuana seeds, a strain known for its rapid growth, high resistance, and dense, resinous buds. With its sweet berry fruits flavor and potent indica effect, White Berry is a popular choice among cannabis cultivators and users.


White Berry is a hybrid that combines (Thai x Afghan) x White Widow genetics, offering the best of both worlds. Its lineage includes classic varieties carefully selected by Paradise Seeds to ensure a robust, easy-to-manage plant with exceptional performance.

Appearance and Structure of the Plant

White Berry presents a compact structure, with manageable height and vigorous growth. The plants develop dense buds covered with a layer of bright trichomes. The leaves are a deep green, and the plant shows good resistance to pests and diseases, making it ideal for growers of all levels.

Growing Characteristics


White Berry is an excellent choice for indoor cultivation due to its compact structure and fast flowering time of approximately 7-8 weeks. The plant responds well to training techniques like SOG and SCROG, and its management is straightforward, making it ideal for novice and experienced growers. The buds it produces are dense, resinous, and emit a sweet, fruity aroma.


Outdoors, White Berry adapts well to different climates, although it prefers warm and sunny conditions. It is a resilient plant that can reach up to 2 meters in height under optimal conditions. Its resistance to pests and diseases makes it ideal for growers in both northern and southern regions. White Berry will be ready for harvest by late September or early October, producing abundant yields of compact, resin-laden buds.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of White Berry is a delight for the senses, offering a sweet and fruity aroma that intensifies during flowering. When smoked, the flavor is an explosion of ripe fruits, with notes of berries and a touch of sweetness that leaves a pleasant and lingering aftertaste on the palate.

Effects and Potency

Recreational: White Berry offers a balanced effect that combines the euphoria and energy of sativa with the deep relaxation of indica. It is ideal for creative and social activities, as well as for unwinding at the end of the day.

Medicinal: Medical users appreciate White Berry for its analgesic and relaxing properties, being useful for relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. It can also be beneficial for stimulating appetite and improving sleep.

WHITE BERRY (Paradise Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized

Cross: (Thai x Afghan) x White Widow
Genotype: 75% Indica - 25% Sativa
THC: 16-20%

Indoor Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Indoor Yield: 450 g/m²
Indoor Height: 80-100 cm

Outdoor Harvest: Late September - early October
Outdoor Yield: 500 g/plant
Outdoor Height: 150-200 cm

Terpene Profile: Sweet, Fruity, Berries
Effect: Potent, Relaxing, Balanced

Data sheet

Mostly Indica
Seed Type
Feminized / Photoperiod-Dependant

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