Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W
  • Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W
  • Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W
  • Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W
  • Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W

Panel LED Phantom Photobio MX 680W

680W Phantom Photobio LED panel, manufactured leaving aside the bar design and opting for that of contiguous circuit boards for greater PPFD uniformity. The new MX design is centered and covers a greater space providing the same intensity and an efficiency of 2.6 µmol / J with an S4 spectrum. Adjustable power 40% -55% -70% -85% -100% and possibility of joining the Autopilot PX2 controller.


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The PHOTOBIO MX changes everything. We took a step back, we evaluated all the accessories on the market and then we set out to do completely different things. The result is a 680W luminaire that delivers 15% more light to your awning, using 35% less energy than a 1000W DE luminaire. Increase yields while reducing costs. The spectra were developed in a private research laboratory to boost flower yields and obtain desirable market characteristics in short-day resin-producing crops.

FOTOBIO MX abandons the bar style concept in favor of a more efficient contiguous circuit board to provide unmatched PPFD uniformity to the canopy. Extensive thermal modeling and testing were conducted to ensure diodes remain well below operating temperature to maintain consistent light output and performance. LOC light output control allows you to precisely regulate the amount of light delivered to your plant canopy when combined with the available Autopilot PX series controller.

The iLOC integrated light output control on the dimmer knob allows the grower to adjust the photon output intensity to suit the various stages of plant growth for optimal activation of photosynthesis. With the knob set to 100% using 240V, the MX uses 664W and produces a photon flux (PPF) of 1700 μmol / s. With the knob set to 40%, the MX uses 270W and produces 40% of the photon flux. The highly efficient S4 spectrum remains unchanged when the dimmer knob is used and still provides an ideal red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and maximized flower development.

MX's design is multi-layer frame centric, providing the ability to double or triple the square footage of your awning within the footprint of your existing structure. The controller mounts underneath the device to maximize vertical grow space and has the ability to be remotely mounted.

PHOTOBIO MX is designed for the serious horticultural professional looking to increase business sustainability by reducing energy consumption while improving crop yield and yield. The PHOTOBIO MX is also a qualified DLC-listed product, making the device eligible for further cost savings while saving significant energy while optimizing plant growth and health.

S4 spectrum:

Provides a highly efficient full spectrum with a healthy red to blue ratio to boost photosynthesis. Light energy between 500 and 599 nm, previously thought to be wasted, penetrates deeper into the plant canopy and promotes photomorphogenic responses. High color rendering "white" light helps quickly identify potential threats to your crop and provides superior working conditions and safety for personnel. Ideal for both flowering and vegetative production.


Size: 1100mm x 1120mm
1768 umol / s photon flux at 277 V
2.6 µmol / J Efficacy @ 277V
Integrated iLOC light output control allows manual adjustment of light output
Settings are 40% -55% -70% -85% -100% -PX Control
Controller can be remotely mounted
Rugged commercial design keeps LEDs running cool
Precisely control photon output when paired with Autopilot PX series controller (PX2 and above)
Slim design maximizes vertical growth space with a remote-capable controller
100-277V driver range
IP65 rated protection for wet locations against water and dust
Includes PHOTO • LOC signal cable
Includes a specific voltage power cord chosen by the customer
DLC listed (H-RR6RGRH) and qualifies for utility rebates, which play an important role in optimizing the profitability of a lighting project


Average rated life hours: 50,000
Frequency: 50/60
Rated power: 680 W
Voltage: 100-277V

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