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LED Lazerlite PRO 720W
  • LED Lazerlite PRO 720W

LED Lazerlite PRO 720W

The new Lazerlite PRO LED model is the next step of professionalism in your indoor marijuana cultivation. With its new Samsung technology and its adjustable and controllable DRIVER that incorporates a design never seen before in its counterparts on the market since it is integrated within the frame of the luminaire. The cheapest professional LED spotlight on the market


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Lazerlite Pro 720W is the next step for professional growers looking for cheap LED lights but with astronomical performance. Thanks to its PRO series Samsung chip and its dedicated LED driver we will achieve the astonishing efficiency of 2.75 µmol/J, which together with its deeply studied spectrum, which includes powerful whites and precise red combinations, creating a powerful Emerson effect, We will achieve abundant productions with little effort, also resulting in a high-quality, dense and heavy product.

Its ballast integrated into the frame is a revolution within the sector. Let's say goodbye to driver mounting on the panel and hello to electronics included within the construction of the panel, making its installation and day-to-day management even easier due to the distribution of its data ports, potentiometer and electrical connection with the best splash guards on the market.

Lazerlite PRO includes a potentiometer to select the power in steps (25,50,75,100%) and thus adapt it to any requirement in your crop. It also has RJ14 data ports with which they can be connected to each other or to any compatible switchboard on the market, and thus control schedules, create a sunrise and sunset effect, and have an auto shut-off due to excess temperature.


- Efficiency: 2.75 mol/J

- Number of light bars: 6 bars

- Types of diodes and quantity:

1680 units of Samsung LM281B+

240 units of SMD2835 (6500K)

72 units of 660nm (red)

- Mounting height: >15 cm above the plants

- Thermal Management: Passive

- Lifespan: 50,000 hours

- Power factor: >90%

- Color rendering index: 80ra

- Ambient Temperature: -25 - 40 ºC


- 1067 x 1105 x 54mm

Warranty: 3 years

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