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Pro LED extreme - PRO XL
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Pro LED extreme - PRO XL

Do you grow with LEDs and can't correct those annoying calcium and magnesium deficiencies? Pro LED from PRO-XL is the only product on the market specifically to maintain adequate calcium and magnesium levels in LED crops, where performance is much higher than with traditional luminaires.

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LED growing has drastically changed the way we grow crops. By increasing the photosynthetic performance of plants, many more fertilizing units of the elements that form an essential part of the cellular composition of plants are consumed, specifically as a free ion (Ca2+), which is located mainly in the cell wall and membrane. . On the other hand, magnesium is the structural basis of the chlorophyll molecule, having a direct and very important impact on the photosynthetic process, the fixation of CO2 as a coenzyme and therefore the total performance of our plants.

PRO-LED, in addition to containing highly concentrated amounts of calcium, magnesium and iron, contains vitamins and amino acids as additives for greater absorption and mobility of nutrients through the vascular bundles of the plant, maximizing their assimilation, reducing ATP consumption and maximizing performance. plant energy, thus increasing the total production of flower, cannabinoids, terpenes and, in general, greater vigor and healthiness

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