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Bloom XXL - Pro XL
  • Bloom XXL - Pro XL

Bloom XXL - Pro XL

Bloom XXL is a powerful mineral enhancer specific for the flowering fattening phase designed to exponentially and explosively increase your buds, while compacting them to the highest level even in the most demanding parameters when we use CO2 supplementation.

It is also 100% assimilable thanks to its liquid formula, which allows greater and better absorption while facilitating dosage.

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One of the most crucial points of our flowering stage as gardeners is always the flower fattening phase, where we always ask ourselves the same question: Is my phosphorus / potassium additive the most suitable for my way of growing? Will it give the best results? And there are certainly important differences between each of them, such as solubility, assimilation, raw materials and their origin, etc... In this case, Bloom XXL is a common and correct answer to all those questions, since it meets all the parameters. necessary to be the right additive for your crop.

Firstly, its concentration allows it to be used by both professional and amateur growers, being concentrated but not so concentrated that it is not possible to use it in culture broths with less than 10L. On the other hand, its solubility and quality of raw materials make it one of the most accepted products in its range on the market due to its fast and powerful effect from day one.

Bloom XXL contains proportions of macronutrients and essential trace elements perfect for a balanced and sufficient supplementation: high doses of phosphorus and potassium, chelated iron and trace elements produce a powerful effect in increasing the ATP energy of the plant, in addition to providing the nutrients that needed in the exact proportions, the visible result for the gardener being very pronounced and satisfactory, since you will see how your flowers grow and harden significantly from the first day of application.


  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Trace elements
  • NPK ratio: 0-15-16

The use of an electroconductimeter is recommended for precise dosage.

Minimum use: 0.75 ml/L

Normal use: 1 ml/L

Extra use: 2 ml/L

Suitable and compatible for joint application with any fertilizer, fertilizer or complement from both Pro XL and other brands.

Shake well before use, mix thoroughly in nutrient tank

Pro XL

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