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Pro Enzimen - Pro XL
  • Pro Enzimen - Pro XL

Pro Enzimen - Pro XL

Pro Enzymen is a super concentrated supplement based on enzymes and trichodermas with a multitude of benefits for the correct health of the culture medium. Its 4 different types of enzymes ensure proper decomposition of dead organic matter and its high Trichoderma spp content guarantees complete protection against deadly pathogenic fungi such as Fusarium or Pythium.

Opciones: 500 ml

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Enzymes are a fundamental factor in the correct development of plants for several reasons, including breaking down dead organic matter such as old roots, accelerating their bio-digestion and preventing them from attracting or generating fungal diseases that can affect plants during this process. our plants.

Not only does it work for dead roots, but it effectively decomposes the exudates generated by the roots, which tend to obstruct the protein channels through which plants absorb minerals (normally mucilage); thus increasing the useful surface area of the root and consequently optimizing the absorption of water and nutrients.

On the other hand, its Trichoderma content guarantees total defense against soil fungi that systemically attack the plant, killing it in a few days, being the only product on the market in its category that contains trichoderma.

Pro XL

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