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Watermark XL Reflector
  • Watermark XL Reflector

Watermark XL Reflector

The Garden HighPro Watermark XL Reflector is designed to provide exceptionally uniform light distribution in your grow area, ensuring maximum plant performance. Made from high-quality aluminum with a hammered ("stucco") finish, this reflector is optimized to avoid hot spots and shadows, providing homogeneous lighting that efficiently covers the entire growing area.


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Key Features:

  • Uniform Light Distribution: Provides even light coverage, eliminating shadows and hot spots for healthier plant growth.
  • Hammered Finish: Made from high-quality aluminum with a hammered finish, maximizing reflectivity and light dispersion.
  • Wing Design: Its winged design allows optimal light dispersion across the grow area, enhancing lighting efficiency.
  • Generous Dimensions: With an assembled size of 55 cm in length x 65 cm in width, it is ideal for broad coverage in various growing setups.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Garden HighPro
  • Model: Watermark XL
  • Material: Aluminum with a hammered finish
  • Size: 55 cm (L) x 65 cm (W)


  • Optimal Coverage: Ensures all your plants receive adequate light regardless of their position in the grow area.
  • Improved Efficiency: Advanced design minimizes light waste, increasing the efficiency of your lighting system.
  • Easy Installation: Intuitive design allows for quick and easy installation in any grow setup.

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