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Fabric Pot Pure Pot

Pure Pot fabric pots are textile pots made of fibres resistant to degradation that improve aeration in the root system, pruning the roots and achieving more root mass than with classic plastic pots. Other benefits are that they insulate the root zone from heat and cold, are easy to transport and washable.

Available in various sizes

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Pure Pot, high quality geotextile gardening containers. Made of biodegradation resistant fibre that allows optimal aeration of the roots.

-Designed to promote aeration of the root zone.
-When the roots reach the wall of the pot, the air prunes them, preventing their circular growth.
-It creates an air barrier to insulate the root during the cold season. This same barrier prevents overheating of the root zone during the hot months.
-Equipped with handles for easy transport of plants.
-The containers are easy to transport, conveniently folded to take up minimal space.

Overheating and lack of aeration of the substrate and roots are two problems that every grower encounters when using plastic pots. Added to these two factors is the circular growth of the root of our plant when it reaches the wall of the plastic container, as it strangles other roots, thus limiting the raw sap that has to reach the leaves.
These problems do not occur with geotextile gardening containers such as the Pure Pot. These containers are made of a high quality geotextile material, resistant to biological degradation, which allows proper aeration of the roots to prevent overheating and provide an extra supply of oxygen, thus improving the root system of our plants.
When the roots reach the textile material, the air takes care of pruning the end of the root avoiding its circular growth. In addition, the thickness of the container provides the roots with a layer of air that insulates them from temperature changes. This prevents both overheating of the root system and cold damage.
All Pure Pot formats are equipped with handles for easy transport of the plants. They are also very light and are conveniently folded to take up as little space as possible.

Dimensions (diameter x height):

Pure Pot 11.4L - 3 Gallons: 240x250mm

Pure Pot 19L - 5 Gallons: 300x250mm

Pure Pot 56.8L - 15 Gallons: 500x290mm

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