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Sensi Skunk fem - Sensi Seeds

Already available in feminized version, one of the Skunk varieties easier to grow. Fast flowering, strong branches, manageable growth, and large production of compact and aromatic buds. It offers something different to the classic Skunk, and is, a refreshing citrus twist in flavor. Flowering indoor growing 45-50 days.

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Now available as a variety of feminized cannabis seeds Sensi Skunk!, one of Sensi Seeds easier to grow and with a more affordable price. Having demonstrated more than enough, its usefulness for growers who have a limited budget or simply inexperienced, Sensi Skunk was a clear candidate to be released as a feminized variety. Surely the new Sensi Skunk Feminised will excite beginners and experienced growers alike, hence their buds that increase in size rapidly, as its vigorous growth patterns.

It is a pleasure to grow Skunk Feminised Sensi. Skunk aficionados will appreciate the classic features of Skunk, as a short flowering time, strong branches, an easily manageable growth and substantial crop of buds pungent aroma. Like all plants grown from feminized seeds Sensi Skunk grow and bloom as females, needless to identify males in the early stages of flowering, nor remove them! It's never been easier to get skunk, a variety of top notch, especially at such an affordable price.

Like its parent, Sensi Skunk Feminised blooms heavily in growing indoors and outdoors in temperate climates, like the Mediterranean. As the flowering time is short - just 45 to 50 days - Feminised Sensi Skunk is also perfect as a commercial variety that provides in no time dense and powerful flowers that have all the features possibly the best known type of cannabis world.

In terms of taste, however, Skunk Feminised Sensi offers consumers something slightly different to the classic scent of skunk, which usually has an earthy aroma, herbs and garlic. In contrast, presents a refreshing citrus and sweet scent impregnated in each heart, which makes a variety exceptionally appetizing!

- Winner of the Cannabis Cup

- Short flowering period (45-50 days)

- Temperate / Continental

- Average height at flowering

- 80% Indica

- Large Yield

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Mayor Indica (relajante)
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