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Cosmic Kiss - Sensi Seeds
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  • Cosmic Kiss - Sensi Seeds

Cosmic Kiss - Sensi Seeds

Cosmic Kiss by Sensi Seeds is a new feminized marijuana variety with Indica dominance, a cross between Rainbow Belts 2.0 and Bacio Gelato, which stands out for its robust structure, good branching, and high resin production. It flowers in 55-65 days indoors, reaching heights of 120-140 cm and yields of up to 550 g/m2, and outdoors it reaches 160 cm, maturing in October. It produces dense and resinous buds with a terpene profile of berries, citrus, earthy tones, and diesel. Its potent effect combines cerebral euphoria with physical relaxation.

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Cosmic Kiss feminized cannabis seeds - Sensi Seeds

Cosmic Kiss seeds are a new feminized and photoperiod-dependant cannabis variety released in 2024 by Sensi Seeds. It is an 80% Indica hybrid that is easy to grow and arises from the crossing of Rainbow Belts 2.0, a Zkittlez hybrid from which it inherits an incredibly sweet terpene profile, with Sherbinski's Bacio Gelato, which provides potency and increased resin production.

The result is a marijuana plant with a robust structure and good branching, with a very short internodal distance and a slightly above-average height for indicas. Indoors, its flowering stage lasts from 55 to 65 days, reaching heights of 120-140 cm, and can generate considerable yields of up to 550 g/m2. Outdoors, where it easily reaches 160 cm, it may be necessary to support the plant to prevent the branches from breaking due to the weight of the buds, which will be ready for harvest in October. It thrives best in sunny/mediterranean climates.

Cosmic Kiss responds well to training techniques such as SCROG, SOG, supercropping, and lollipopping, allowing for better height management and increased plant productivity. It is an easy-to-grow variety that can produce dense and resinous buds with proper care and attention, making it an excellent choice for those seeking generous yields.

The buds of Cosmic Kiss Feminized display a compact and conical appearance, densely covered with trichomes, and feature intensely orange pistils, along with olive green foliage and a thick layer of resin. Its terpene profile is complex and offers a wide range of flavors, dominated by sweet berry and spicy citrus notes with earthy and floral undertones and a subtle diesel touch.

Its effect is extremely potent, starting with a cerebral high that plunges into a state of happiness, creativity, and mental clarity. Gradually, this sensation turns into a powerful, intense, and long-lasting body buzz that relaxes the muscles and induces mild drowsiness. It is a good choice for experienced users with a high THC tolerance.

COSMIC KISS (Sensi Seeds) Tech specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: Rainbow Belts 2.0 x Bacio Gelato
Genotype: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa

THC: Very High

Indoor Flowering Time: 55-65 days
Indoor Yield: 550 g/m2
Indoor Height: 120-140 cm

Outdoor Harvest: October
Outdoor Yield: +600 g/plant
Outdoor Height: 160 cm

Terpene Profile: Sweet berries and Citrus with earthy, floral and diesel notes
Effect: Potent, Cerebral high, Creative, Deep body relaxation

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