Money Maker fem
  • Money Maker fem

Money Maker fem

Money Maker variety of old school crossing Original Master Kush x Hindu Kush x Skunk. Plant with a very short distance internudal dense sticky buds. Good for insomnia. Flowering indoor: 8 weeks. ** All packages come with DVD Gift expedition, do not stay without yours!

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Genetics: Original Master Kush x Hindu Kush x Skunk Indica 70 % - Sativa 30 %

Floor: Ground floor with small distance internudal 5 - 7 cm.

Flowering indoor : 8 weeks

Flowering outdoor : 8-9 weeks with a production up to 1 kilograms per plant depiendo the final size . It supports recomiemda put the branches .

Sabor (burnt ) : dried vegetable , spicy, fruity fruit .
Aroma ( unburned ) : berries , spices , kush , toasted .

Looks dry / Crumbled bud :
The dried buds are small but very dense and heavy , with large clusters of buds and abundant resin to display a few weeks into flowering. The shredded buds are sticky , dark green with shades negrizos . Stigmata small and thin .

Effect speed : Fast
Duration of effect : Media
Very strong in the legs, aplatanamiento , meditative effect physically strong . Quality / Effect Type
Medicinal Qualities : Can be used to treat insomnia, pain or lack of appetite

Money Maker is a plant of the old school. A true Master Kush , Cannabis Cup winner of High Times magazine in the early nineties, now feminized format.
Baja, leafy , with small distances internudales grows very fast and with force .
Their morphology and an Indica buds are authentic , with an aroma of sweet berries that quickly become dirty , Kush style. The Cadiz is large with irregular buds tend to form size fox tails . The variety Money Maker tends to be heavy and compact racimosde flowers , proportion of leaf / cup is very low, so it is very easy manicurarla . Money Maker can withstand very high levels of nutrients and grows well in soil, coco or aeroponic / hydroponic systems.
Shows good performance both indoors and outdoors, so it is ideal for both beginners and experienced growers . Your smoke is very intense, with a taste of berries then acquires earthy notes with subtle hints of moss , finishing with a light taste of garlic. It has a round, dense and narcotic effect . The effect is a happy aplatanamiento , ideal for relaxing evenings or lazy days . Medicinally it is invaluable pra people with insomnia or suffering severe pain .




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