Controller Clima Eco 5A - TechGrow
  • Controller Clima Eco 5A - TechGrow
  • Controller Clima Eco 5A - TechGrow

Controller Clima Eco 5A - TechGrow

With the TechGrow controller Clima Eco 5A we can control the temperature of an indoor marijuana grow. Very easy to use, you just have to indicate the temperature you want in the room, set the minimum operating speed of the extractor and the controller does the rest. Includes temperature probe, optionally you can purchase the humidity probe for humidity control

Opciones: Clima ECO 5A + Temp

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The Controller Clima Eco Temperature / Humidity controls the minimum speed of the fan to obtain the desired room temperature and the desired level of relative humidity (humidity probe not included). The fan control works based on the set minimum fan speed, the maximum fan speed (100%), the set temperature, the set relative humidity and the hysteresis (Temp - 2 ° C / RH - 3%)

The Clima ECO 5A controller has 3 buttons to set the minimum operating speed, the desired room temperature and the humidity level (to control humidity it is necessary to use another probe, not included).

If the room temperature is above that indicated on the controller, the extractor will turn on at 100% speed to lower the room temperature. If, on the contrary, the temperature is lower than that indicated, the extractor will operate at the minimum speed indicated on the controller.

Controls the minimum fan speed to reach or maintain the desired temperature and relative humidity

Minimum fan speed, temperature setpoint and relative humidity setpoint are saved in the event of a power failure

Temperature setting range: 15 °C –35 °C

Hysteresis temperature: 2 °C

Minimum fan speed setting range: 10% –100%

Relative humidity setting range: 40% –90%

Hysteresis relative humidity: 3%

Automatic detection of cable failure or poor connection with the sensor

2 UTP ports

Available in the version: 5A

Easy fuse replacement (spare fuse included)

Various sensors are available separately

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