Grow room controller Hydro-X (HCS-3) - TrolMaster
  • Grow room controller Hydro-X (HCS-3) - TrolMaster
  • Grow room controller Hydro-X (HCS-3) - TrolMaster
  • Grow room controller Hydro-X (HCS-3) - TrolMaster

Grow room controller Hydro-X (HCS-3) - TrolMaster

The Hydro-X Plus (HCS-3) is the compact version of TrolMaster's professional environmental monitoring system, with more sensor capacity and greater span of control than the HCS-1 and at a more affordable price than the HCS-2 version.


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The TrolMaster Hydro-X Plus (HCS-3) is a professional environmental control system that will allow you to control every parameter from a single device, it can control an unlimited number of luminaires, 8 temperature devices, 8 humidity devices, 4 CO2 devices and 12 programmable timers (supporting up to 50 different programs). All this will allow you to have great flexibility in the control of your room, maintaining a stable climate which translates into more and better production.

The HCS-3 comes with the new MBS-PRO 4-in-1 probe that measures temperature, humidity, CO2 and the photocell. Lighting control has never been so easy and complete.

The MBS-PAR sensor will allow you to adjust the light intensity precisely for the stage the plant is in, together with the HCS-3 it will allow you to keep track of the daily light levels received by the plant (DLI).

In addition to monitoring your room parameters, the HCS-3 can detect problems in your grow room and notify you directly to your smartphone. It supports up to 10 smoke detectors and 10 water leak detectors to be arranged throughout your room so you can act on any incident quickly. Adding advanced control features such as sunrise / sunset, DLI control, over-temperature protection, separate channel spectrum control (ThinkGrow) and more.


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