Water detector (WD-1) - TrolMaster
  • Water detector (WD-1) - TrolMaster
  • Water detector (WD-1) - TrolMaster
  • Water detector (WD-1) - TrolMaster

Water detector (WD-1) - TrolMaster

The WD-1 probe can be used to detect the presence of water in two different ways, it can be placed at different points throughout the room to report any leaks. The other way of use is as an irrigation monitor and confirmation, placing the probe in the irrigation zone either in the substrate or where runoff accumulates.


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It is very important that if the WD-1 probe is used as a leak detector, it is only possible to detect water containing a certain amount of dissolved solids (municipal water, water with dissolved nutrients), since reverse osmosis water does not have electroconductivity and therefore cannot be detected by the trolmaster probe.

If the probe is used as irrigation confirmation, it will have to be placed in an area where excess water accumulates, each probe is assigned an irrigation pump (individual or solenoid) so, when an irrigation event occurs, it will be programmed a prudential waiting time, since once this time has elapsed, if the probe does not detect water, it will proceed to send an alert of "irrigation failure" through the mobile application.

There is a "tank filling" function with the Aqua-X Pro (NFS-2), it is performed by placing two WD-1 probes inside the same water tank, one at the bottom and the other at the top, when the controller receives the signal that the probe at the bottom has lost contact with the water, it will activate the water pump until the water level makes contact with the upper probe.


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