Professional irrigation system Aqua-X (NFS-1) - TrolMaster
  • Professional irrigation system Aqua-X (NFS-1) - TrolMaster
  • Professional irrigation system Aqua-X (NFS-1) - TrolMaster
  • Professional irrigation system Aqua-X (NFS-1) - TrolMaster

Professional irrigation system Aqua-X (NFS-1) - TrolMaster

The Aqua-X is an automation system for irrigation systems for indoor growing rooms or greenhouses, it will allow you to program up to 30 different zones each with its independent irrigation cycles. Either for high frequency irrigation in hydroponic growing media where you want to maintain specific humidity ranges by measuring the relative humidity with the water content probe (WCS-1/2) or fixed irrigation every so often.

It can work with individual pumps dedicated to each zone (DSP-2 240VAC) or with a pressurized line and activating solenoid pumps (OA6-24 24VAC)


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Forget about manual irrigation with the Aqua-X from Trolmaster, professionalize your crop and let this controller designed specifically for cannabis cultivation work for you.

This controller will allow you to connect online different sensors so you can monitor the substrate in different locations and programming each irrigation so that your plants never suffer water stress.

The water leak sensor (WD-1) can be programmed to send a warning directly to your cell phone if it detects water out of place, allowing you to stop leaks from the tank or drainage leaks throughout the room.

You can program ranges to all water values (pH, EC, Temp) and each one with its respective alarm if they get out of these values.

It has an app that you can use on your cell phone with which you can see a history of each of the values, calibrate each factor so that your plants are grateful, receive alarms and change the frequency of irrigation if there is any unforeseen.

If you combine it with the Hydro-X you will have the possibility of placing an HD camera so that no detail escapes you.


Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
24 V control board (OA6-24): Max. 5 pcs. per set*
Program device station (DSP-2): Max. 5 pcs. per set
Water detector: Max. 30 pcs. per kit
Water content sensor (WCS-1): Max. 8 pcs. per set
Sensor Plate (AMP-2): Max. 1pc per set
EC/temperature sensor (PCT-1/2): Max. 1pc per set
pH sensor (PPH-1/2): Max. 1pc per set

Combined application is feasible for OA6-24 and DSP-1, but total quantity cannot exceed 5pcs (up to 30 outputs).


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