Boss Hogg fem - The Cali Connection
  • Boss Hogg fem - The Cali Connection

Boss Hogg fem - The Cali Connection

Boss Hogg was specially created for large commercial growers who expect high quality crops. The result of several generations of backcrossing and selection of famous Chem 4. Marijuana plants of medium height with good lateral branching. Boss Hogg produces compact and thick buds thick and smelling resin. Indoor growing Flowering: 60-70 days.

Opciones: Paquete 6u.

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The reason it is so named because he was greedy, loved to eat and had a huge and nice house with a great car in your garage. This is a gift from The Cali Connection to commercial growers. She will produce huge compact buds of high quality marijuana. The Boss Hogg will give color, smell, weight and a powerful kick to him who smoke. Wait a solid, dense plant, easy to clone and producer of large and thick colorful buds dipped in resin.

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