Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE
  • Timer Box GSE

Timer Box GSE

Timer to control the on and off of the light of growing marijuana, buying this timing box with capacity of 4, 8 or 12 x 600W bulbs. Ideal for preventing malfunctioning timer for overloads, has a set of 36h for any power failure. Also available with heating activator.

Opciones: 4 x 600W

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The timer box is used by several inductive loads such as lamps, high pressure sodium. Switch on and off simultaneously. This turns loads Contactor / Relay 4 X 600W, 8 X 600W, 12 X 600W. Model Available with or without activator heating when the lights are off heating (power management) lights.

Sizes and technical data:
Case: PR = 200x255x95mm
Safety timer: PR = 230x300x110mm
1 Polo incl. 16A connector (EU) 4x600W
1 Polo incl. 3x600W connector 10A (CH),
Volts: 230 v / 50 Hz
powered timer 24 h 36 h 30 min reservation setting.
Relays: 4x16A 230V
Protection class: IP40

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