Lumatek 1000W Lighting Kit
  • Lumatek 1000W Lighting Kit

Lumatek 1000W Lighting Kit

1000W lighting kit with dimmable lumatek ballast, bulb and reflector of your choice. With this lighting kit you will get great harvests with huge buds. The ballast is dimmable from 600W to 1000W Super Lumen which is equivalent to 1100W.

Choose Reflector: Aluminio Básico
Choose Light Bulb: Philips Son-T (Pro)

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The Lumatek 1000W lighting kit consists of the following elements:

1000W Lumatek Ballast: The Lumatek electronic ballast produces up to 20% more light output (lumens) than the basic coil (magnetic) standard, while using less electricity and being quiet. Dimmable from 600W to 1100W (SuperLumen).

Reflector to choose from the following models:

Basic Reflector: Basic reflectors with E40 socket, with reflection limitations.

Condor XL: Coated aluminium reflector with larger dimensions, increasing the reflection capacity. Its dimensions are 80 x 65 cm.

Adjust-a-Wings ENFORCER Original: The Adjust-a-Wings reflector is the one with the best performance in terms of reflection and manufacturing materials, highly recommended. Its dimensions are 70 x 55 cm.

Adjust-a-Wings AVENGER LARGE Original: Reflectors Adjust-a-Wings is the reflector par excellence for the culture of indoor marijuana with a great reflection of 97%, covering more area of culture. Its dimensions are 100 x 70 cm.

Cooltube Glass 150mm: Cooled reflector with single reflector to cover more surface and extract the heat generated by the bulbs.

Bulb to choose between the following models:

Agrolite Mixta: HPS bulb for both growth and flowering with 145000 Lm.

Philips Son-T: Mixed bulbs for growth and flowering, good performance and stable spectra, 130000 Lm.

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