White Strawberry Skunk fem
  • White Strawberry Skunk fem

White Strawberry Skunk fem

White Strawberry Skun hybrid 50% -50% Erdbeer Switzerland. Soft effect gradually becomes strong and very durable. Resinous and good as an antidepressant. Flowering indoor: 8-9 weeks. ** All packages come with DVD Gift expedition, do not stay without yours!

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Genetics: 50 % Indica Edbeer Switzerland - 50 % Sativa

Height: Plant of medium size with a internudal distance between 10-15 cm

Flowering indoor : 8-9 weeks. Production of up to 0.8 g ( dry buds and manicured ) x Wattio x m2

Flowering outdoor : 9 weeks. Very lush plants that can give more than 1 kg of dried buds once and manicured . It is recommended to add brackets to large branches .

Sabor (burnt ) : strawberry , tropical fruit , with an earthy moss background reminiscent of Skunk.
Aroma ( unburned ) : Fruity, sweet, almost creamy.

Appearance of dried / shredded buds :
The dried buds with irregular , dense and compact , with very large calyxes. The resin is very heavy and thick. The shredded buds are bright green with very oscruros sticky tones.

Speed effect : gradual
Duration of effect : long
Smooth and complex , the more physical principle subsequently passing mental and social : Quality / type of effect.
Medicinal Qualities : good as antidrepesivo .

White Strawberry Skunk is one of the more fruity varieties of Cannabis world.
His ancestor is the famous Swiss variety llamda Erdbeer , qeu gives it its characteristic aroma of strawberry.
Its resin formulation is so dense that even remembers the famous White Widow.
White Strawberry Skunk plant is a medium to large , with an average distance internudal and long branches.
The plant thrives with moderate power regime is ready after 8-9 weeks of flowering.
The buds are large and irregularly shaped , are covered with thick resin. The aroma is very well maintained after combustion , which produces an intense strawberry flavor and aftertaste typical Skunk.
It has medical use as an antidepressant. Proudce a complex effect that gradually ascends maintained for long.
A body has a nice smooth level poer effect , a stronger social mental effect .

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