ECO Grow Kit LED 200W Tent
  • ECO Grow Kit LED 200W Tent

ECO Grow Kit LED 200W Tent

Complete ECO Grow Kit with wardrobe with everything you need to start growing now! The kit includes everything you need to obtain an optimal harvest: air renewal, ventilation, pipes for the installation, control elements such as thermo-hygrometer and timer, as well as fertilizers, pots and seeds; in addition, with the minimum consumption thanks to the Lumatek ATTIS 200W LED panel.

Choose Grow Tent: Cultibox 80x80x160
Choose lighting: LED Pure Q240 V2.0

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The ECO LED 200W grow kit consists of the following common elements:

VK 125 extractor of 190 m3/h, for a good extraction of crop air.

VK 125 intractor of 190 m3/h , for a good intraction of the crop air.

Aluconnect tube 127 x 5m, to channel the extraction and intraction

Clamp fan with two levels of ventilation, to strengthen the stems.

24h Analog Timer for turning on and off all the equipment.

Digital Thermohygrometer to control the temperature and humidity of the crop.

68Kg reinforced pulleys to raise and lower the lamps comfortably

Bactohemp 10grs, mycorrhizae to stimulate the roots.

BioBizz Bio Grow nutrient for the growth phase, 500ml.

BioBizz Bio Bloom nutrient specific fertilizer for the flowering phase, 500ml.

9 5.5L pots, to make spectacular plants

9 18cm plates, to collect the water drained by the plants

9 Feminized seeds as a gift, to choose between some of the delights of AdvancedSeeds or 00Seeds.


Grow tent to choose from:

Cultibox + 80 Tent: Wardrobe built in medium density fabric, very light and completely light-tight. (80x80x160cm)

Pure Tent 60: Wardrobe made of quality materials, thick and resistant canvas, with high internal reflection and opaque on the outside. (60x60x160cm)

Pure Tent 80: Wardrobe made of quality materials, thick and resistant canvas, with high internal reflection and opaque on the outside. (80x80x180cm)

LED Luminaire to choose from:

LED Pure Q240 V2.0: The LED panel Pure Q240 V2.0 (240W) has a full spectrum for the entire plant cycle, from germination to harvest, providing optimal development. The panel is light and silent as it has no fans. The intensity can be adjusted manually.

Lumatek ATTIS LED - ATS 200W PRO: The Lumatek ATTIS LED - ATS 200W PRO is built with high-quality Lumatek drivers and top-end LUMLED LEDs that generate a full spectrum light source, ideal for growing and flowering. Adjustable to 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% with a PPF of 508 µmol / s and a Photon Efficiency (efficiency) of 2.5 µmol / J. Dimensions: 524.5 x 524.5 x 71.6 mm.

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