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Big Bud WSP - Advanced Nutrients
  • Big Bud WSP - Advanced Nutrients

Big Bud WSP - Advanced Nutrients

The most famous flowering enhancer now in a new concentrated format for professional growers. Specially formulated for large crops, Big Bud powder will get the most out of your flowers, filling them to the maximum and covering them completely with resin.

Opciones: 130 gr

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Big Bud Powder is the solid version of Big Bud Liquid. With the same formulation but with a format designed for large growers, it provides huge amounts of phosphorus and potassium in the perfect proportion to get the most out of your plants.

Phosphorus plays a fundamental role in cell multiplication, being largely responsible for the fattening of the buds, and potassium is primarily responsible for producing sugars and other substances that trigger the content of terpenes and sugars.

Big Bud powder is made with the best raw materials specially selected to generate the maximum effect in the flowering stage in which Big Bud is applied.

Big Bud is perfectly compatible with the entire range of Advanced Nutrients and even with any other competitive base nutrient

This product is suitable for any culture medium: substrate, coconut and hydroponics of any kind.


Phosphorus 15%

Potassium 35%

Sulfur 10% (combined 10%)

Derived from: Monopotassium Phosphate and Potassium Sulfate

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