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  • KAYA 47 Auto
  • KAYA 47 Auto

Auto Kaya 47 - Advanced Seeds

Kaya 47 Autoflowering. Rich, sweet and fruity branch. Harvested between 70 and 80 days from sowing regardless of photoperiod.
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Auto Kaya 47 autoflowering marijuana seeds - Advanced Seeds

Auto Kaya 47 from Advanced Seeds is an autoflowering version of the iconic AK-47, designed to deliver the exceptional qualities of this famous strain in a format that is easier and faster to cultivate. As an autoflowering variant, Auto Kaya 47 combines the potency, flavor, and effects of its photoperiod predecessor with the advantage of automatic flowering, making cultivation easier, especially for those with limited space or less experience in cannabis cultivation.

This strain is relatively easy to grow, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It typically has a compact to medium stature, making it ideal for small spaces or for growers who prefer less conspicuous plants. The plant tends to branch out a lot, so it is possible to achieve good yields with proper nutrient supply.

Auto Kaya 47 exhibits good resistance to mold. Like all autoflowers, it is advisable to sow directly into the final pot to avoid transplant shock, thus achieving maximum size and production.

Auto Kaya 47 preserves the rich aromatic and flavor profile of AK-47, characterized by earthy, floral, and slightly spicy notes with a sweet and fruity undertone. When consumed, its effect combines stimulating cerebral euphoria with a mild sensation of physical relaxation.

Auto KAYA 47 (Advanced Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - 100% Autoflowering

Cross: AK-47 x Ruderalis
Genotype: Mostly Sativa
THC: 18%

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 70-80 days from germination

Indoor Yield: 400-500g/m2

Indoor Height: 70-100 cm
Outdoor Height: 90-150 cm

Flavor: Sweet, Fruity, Floral, Earthy, Spicy
Effect: Stimulating cerebral euphoria, Physical relaxation

Data sheet

Mostly Sativa

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