Bubba Kush fem - Barney's Farm
  • Bubba Kush fem - Barney's Farm
  • Bubba Kush fem - Barney's Farm
  • Bubba Kush fem - Barney's Farm

Bubba Kush fem - Barney's Farm

Spectacular and classic American variety that Barney's Farm brings us. Based on backcrosses and a great selection work, the breeding team has managed to raise the THC level of this genetics and further enhance its exquisite flavor. Bubba Kush grows bushy, generating large leaves and blooms with rage, generating very compact buds that are practically coated with resin.

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This remarkable plant descends from famous genetics originally discovered by someone known only as "Bubbha" in the US. It has been stabilized by the team and elevated to a level that perfectly fits its well-known history and reputation. This is surely one of the most desired Indicas in the world, with a surprising 29% THC. Bubba Kush is a productive plant, it won't get excessively tall during its fast 8-9 week flowering period. Due to this characteristic, she can be an ideal candidate for those looking for a powerful, punchy strain that doesn't take up a lot of space while blooming. Yield is not compromised in any way, final yields of up to 600g / m2 indoors are easily achievable by applying a little love and pampering 'Bubba'.

Fly through the world of Bubba and experience one of the most relaxing cannabis strains in the world. The genuine lineage of the Afghan race ensures absolutely exceptional potency, with exotic fragrances from the East reminiscent of the aromatic chocolate bars of Turkish delight. Why not take a ride on the unique magic carpet that is Bubba Kush? When harvesting outdoors, during the first week or two of October you will be happy to find granite, fuel-scented buds covering all branches. The attractive cultivation as well as its sought after effects make this strain something of another level. Don't miss out on the “Bubba” experience, whatever you do!

Afghan Kush Landrace x OG Kush
Euphoria, relax, chill
1kg per plant
550-600 gr/m²
56 - 63
Sweet Hash, Coffe, Earthy
Hash, Sweet, Aromatic Spicy, Earthy
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