Banana Punch - Barney's Farm
  • Banana Punch - Barney's Farm
  • Banana Punch - Barney's Farm
  • Banana Punch - Barney's Farm
  • Banana Punch - Barney's Farm
  • Banana Punch - Barney's Farm

Banana Punch - Barney's Farm

Banana Punch femninized seeds by Barney's Farm is a Californian weed strain that combines two of the most demanded genetics of the highest terpenic quality, where aromas of banana and grapes among other fruits merge with a powerful Kush background that will drive you crazy! Plant with a slight Indica dominance, which will be ready to harvest after 65 days of flowering, leaving a spectacular harvest of dense and sticky buds.

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Banana Punch feminized seeds by Barney's Farm is a new addition in their collection of exceptional Californian strains, combining Banana OG with Purple Punch. This variety, with a 55% Indica dominance, stands out for its superior yield potential and short flowering time of just 60-65 days. Its terpene profile, rich in Limonene and Pinene, provides a tropical citrus flavor with nuances of sweet banana.

Banana Punch is a robust, resistant, and versatile plant, suitable for a wide range of cultivation techniques. Its height is manageable in both indoor and outdoor settings, where it can reach 200cm and mature by late September. The beauty of this plant is enhanced by the stunning purples and oranges that emerge against the dark and vibrant green of the foliage.

During flowering, its branches quickly densify with buds that continuously expand, adorned with bright amber pistils and a golden covering of sticky resinous trichomes. The effect of Banana Punch is deeply relaxing and euphoric, promoting creative happiness.

BANANA PUNCH (Barney's Farm) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized- Photoperiod

Cross: Banana OG x Purple Punch
Genotype: 55% Indica - 45% Sativa
THC: 26%

Indoor Height: 110 cm
Flowering Time: 60-65 days
Indoor Yield: 600-650 g/m2

Outdoor Height: 200 cm
Outdoor Yield: 1.5 kg/plant
Outdoor Harvest: Mid/Late September

Aroma: Ripe Banana, Sweet and Sour, Citrus
Flavor: Earthy, Sweet, Banana, Tropical, Sweet Berries

Effect: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Creative

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Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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