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  • Gary Payton - Barney's Farm

Gary Payton - Barney's Farm

Gary Payton is a new feminized marijuana strain launched in 2024 by Barney's Farm. It's a hybrid with a slight sativa dominance, born from the cross between the extraordinary Y Griega and Snowman strains, which have gained fame in the cannabis world for their exceptional quality, distinctive and complex flavor profile, and great yield potential.

Gary Payton feminized seeds develop robust and resilient marijuana plants that adapt well to various growing conditions. Their indoor flowering cycle takes around 65-70 days, resulting in plants reaching a height of 80-90 cm and abundant yields of up to 700g/m2. When grown outdoors, it will be ready for harvest between mid and late October, with yields surpassing a kilogram per plant.

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Winner of multiple cannabis cups, Gary Payton was named in honor of the iconic basketball player and has quickly become a legend in the cannabis world. This hybrid emerges from the fusion of two famous sativa-dominant varieties, Y Griega and Snowman. It's not just the name that sets it apart; Gary Payton has gained renown for its exceptional quality, distinctive flavor profile, and potent effects.

Gary Payton seeds grow vigorously and develop resilient plants that adapt well to various growing conditions. Indoors, it reaches a height of 80-90 cm, while outdoors, it can reach almost 2 meters. The plants are characterized by their robust structure and incredible yield potential. Although it demands attention and care, the result is a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds, up to 700 g/m² indoors and up to 1.5 kg per plant outdoors, making the effort well worth it. The indoor flowering period is 65-70 days, and outdoors, it will be harvested in mid-October.

Gary Payton buds form a tapestry of deep greens and purples with a frosty appearance due to the abundance of trichomes covering them. The striking color contrast is captivating, hinting at the complexity and depth that this strain offers. Aromatic notes of spicy herbs and pungent diesel, with a touch of sweet berry nuances, stimulate the olfactory senses, setting the stage for the experience to come.

The taste of Gary Payton is as memorable as its aroma. When inhaling the smoke or vapor, you can enjoy a symphony of flavors in which earthy undertones complement a blend of spicy and sweet notes, creating a multifaceted taste that lingers pleasantly in the mouth. This harmonious combination of flavors makes Gary Payton a favorite among those who appreciate a rich and robust taste.

As for the effects, Gary Payton offers a balanced and cheerful sensation with a consistent 25% THC or more, satisfying both the mind and body. You'll experience an initial cerebral rush, providing a burst of energy and heightened focus. Gradually, this transforms into a pleasant body relaxation, easing tension without reaching overwhelming sedation.

GARY PAYTON (Barney's Farm) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized- Photoperiod

Cross: Y Griega x Snowman
Genotype: 45% Indica - 55% Sativa
THC: +25%

Indoor Height: 80-90 cm
Flowering Time: 65-70 days
Indoor Yield: 700 g/m2

Outdoor Height: 150-180 cm
Outdoor Yield: 1.5 kg/plant
Outdoor Harvest: Mid/Late October

Aroma: Earthy and Spicy with Sweet Undertones
Flavor: Diesel, Herbal, Spices, Sweet Berries

Effect: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

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Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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