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Substrate Coco Mix - BioBizz

Coco mix is ​​a BioBizz substrate made from 100% organic coconut fibers for growing marijuana. Coconut retains less moisture in the substrate, so the substrate aerates easier and the roots can develop very quickly. It has a pH value of 6 with an EC of 0.3.

Available in a 50 liter bag.

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Coco Mix is ​​probably the best 100% organic coconut fiber on the market.

Coco Mix contains coconut fiber, a product that, even being a waste product for the coconut industry, turns out to be an ideal medium for plant growth.

To be usable it must first break down over a long period of time until the fibers soften. It is then washed and shredded to become the substrate that we all know.

Coconut fiber retains little moisture and therefore aerates the substrate quickly. Coco Mix from Biobizz has an average PH of 6.1 and an EC level of 0.3.

Unlike other manufacturers who chemically soften coconut to speed up the decomposition and washing process, our Coco Mix decomposes naturally for 20 years before being washed exclusively with natural water.

Coco Mix can be used in all hydroponic crops to replace rock wool by filling small containers and treating them like a conventional bucket or pot.

Growers who prefer to adopt more ecological techniques can use Coco Mix in combination with their usual fertilizers from the A + B range, or preferably and for better results with Biobizz products such as Root Juice, Bio Bloom, Top MAX or Bio Heaven.

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Substrate Coco Mix - BioBizz