Sustrato Bio Terra Plus - Canna
  • Sustrato Bio Terra Plus - Canna

Substrate Bio Terra Plus - Canna

Canna's Bio Terra Plus is a certified organic substrate, being a 100% natural compound. Its pre-fertilization is made from bone meal, bat guano and slow release natural trace elements. This makes the plants absorb it little by little as they need it.

50 liter format.


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CANNA Research has created a certified organic soil that complies with international regulations for organic products. Bio Terra Plus is composed of 100% natural substances and can therefore also be used in organic cultivation. Bio Terra Plus is made up of peat of the highest quality, including superior blond peat. Its porous structure is enhanced with pieces of tree bark, which provides a natural anti-mold effect. Bio Terra Plus carries a premix of certified organic ingredients, such as bone meal, bat guano and various trace elements from natural sources.

High quality raw materials


Used peat fully satisfies the stringent quality requirements and grows only in few places in the world. The long fiber structures make the tuba much lighter, which adds considerably aeration to the substrate.

Bio Terra Plus contains a special high quality bark. This bark even inhibits the growth of harmful molds. Poor quality bark, sometimes found on cheaper substrates on the market, can be the conductor of harmful pathogens.


Bio Terra Plus contains coconut, of the same high quality or higher than our CANNA COCO substrate. Due to a special sterilization method, the spongy structure of our coconut continues to be protected against infection. Coconut sold by most of our competitors is normally sterilized under high pressure steam methods, which destroys the microstructure of the substrate.

The combination of the materials used in the Bio Terra Plus leads to a surprisingly light floor, which retains its aeration and a loose texture.

Self regulating and pre-fertilized

Bio Terra Plus is a pre-fertilized soil. Depending on the amount of nutrient being irrigated, the plant will absorb the pre-fertilization directly from the substrate with a self-regulating system, something like 'absorb when needed'.

Self-regulation effect. When the plants receive all the necessary nutrients directly from the nutrient solution, then pre-fertilized nutrient elements remain in the substrate itself for a longer period of time.

Full of natural aroma

Plants produce more fructose and fruit tissues, "which leads to improved flavor and aroma."

Good health is one of the most valuable things a man can have. Although organically grown produce has not been scientifically proven to be healthier, there is research to point in that direction. Scottish research shows, for example, that organic crops contain more salicylic acids, which has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. CANNA Research has proven that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher content of volatile oils, such as: Limonene, Caryophyllin and a-Humulene. Volatile oils determine aroma and flavor. Limonene is known to stimulate blood circulation and have an anti-inflammatory action.

Apart from the advantages that organic cultivation offers in terms of health, it is not necessary to add pesticides due to the improved organic system and the greater resistance of the plant that is grown organically, which in turn results in another reason to cultivate organically with BIOCANNA.


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