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Crafting Soil

Crafting Soil is a 13-component supersoil specially calculated to make a true "only water" and water only with water throughout the crop without the need for tea or reinforcement. Ready for use, simply mix Crafting Soil with unfertilized substrate (light mix) and water only with water throughout the life of your plants! Designed by agronomists.

Mix for 50L of NON FERTILIZED substrate (light mix)

Mix for 100L of NON FERTILIZED substrate (light mix)

Opciones: Mix para 50L

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Crafting Soil is the only supersoil on the market designed by agronomists from the Miguel Hernández University (UMH). Special attention and care have been placed in the calculations for the release of each of its nutrients so that it is of an adequate quantity and in the correct phenological state for the plant.

This 13-component recipe will meet the expectations of experienced growers who want constancy in production without ever sacrificing extreme quality.

Crafting Soil is not only a complete and calculated supersoil recipe, but it is a "living soil" thanks to the large number of different microorganisms it has and that will generate a very powerful symbiosis with your plants.

Contains an exclusive mix of exclusive patented strains of Mycorrhizae, Trichodermas, spoilage bacteria, atmospheric nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria, and iron-solubilizing and siderophore-producing bacteria

Among other benefits you will be able to observe a brutal increase in root mass, very strong trunks and branches, perfect color of the plant always, flowers covered in resin and extremely compact, less affection by pests and many other health symptoms that sometimes cost both get with other products.

The formation of mycelium (visible fungus) in the peat is appreciated very quickly, in optimal conditions the same day or the day after mixing Crafting Soil with the substrate. This is very good and we should not be scared. A cover is recommended so that the light does not fall directly on the substrate and these fungal formations to amplify their reproduction.

Crafting Soil does not need any tea, although as much magnesium is consumed in LED, the use of a Magnesium mononutrient is recommended from the 4th week of flowering, which will not be necessary in consideration of Calcium

It must be mixed very well with the substrate to achieve the greatest possible homogeneity and IRRIGATION WITH NON-CHLORINATED WATER (WITHOUT CHLORINE) is very important.

With Crafting Soil you do not need to measure the pH if your water falls within normal parameters (from reverse osmosis/air conditioning water to hard tap water), although it is recommended to do so for optimal results

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