Kush N Cheese fem
  • Kush N Cheese fem

Kush N Cheese fem

Amazing variety of Dinafem that delights us with two well-known and sold in USA and UK flavors (Emerald OG Kush) x Cheese. Indoor flowering time: 55 days.

Opciones: Paquete 5u.

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The taste of Kush'n'Cheese is very strong, strong cheese with lemon peel mixed with diesel fuel, with an aftertaste that lingers long and completely different flavors of European varieties. A very special flavor , complex, and strong. Is a good producer , and the buds are tight , dense , and heavy. Pedigree of Kush'n 'Cheese : The most popular variety is called Exodus UK Cheese. clone is the "old school " that has popularized this gene . Selected in the collective squatter Exodus , is the most popular clone in UK , and is one of the genetic having a stronger and more noticeable flavor : reminiscent of a strong cheese and garlic, and comes from the part Indica Afghani ancestors Skunk. The biggest problem with this variety is that it is very difficult to camouflage their scent, and hide a single gram dry so they do not smell all around accurate vacuum packs , since plastic bags are simply not enough . Is a stable genetic characteristic of transmitting the easily Cheese flavor , is a dominant trait therefore by . It is high power with good amount of side cannabinoids that give Indian, relaxing and calming effect. It is also a great producer , and the buds are tight , dense , and heavy. OG Kush is the most popular variety in the U.S. , the most wanted , the top seller , is one of the most expensive in history marihuanas . Power is very high , reaching record levels of THC , little amount of side cannabinoids, and the effect is quite sativa , expansive, exhilarating , and very powerful , not suitable for occasional smokers .

The taste of Kush'n'Cheese is very strong, strong cheese with lemon peel mixed with diesel fuel, with an aftertaste ( retrosabor ) that lasts a long time, and completely different to European tastes . A very special flavor , complex, and strong.

History Kush'n 'Cheese : From that Dinafem had the privilege of testing the OG Kush , with its incredible flavor and high power , we decided to cross with her and test results, and we liked the result of crossing with the Cheese. Of all the crosses tested , this is the winner in both taste and power , and most people who tried it the first thing you have told us that the taste was liked much to be strong and sweet. Domina Sativa growth pattern Cheese , so pretty stretched in bloom, open frame and large internodes . Kush'n'Cheese buds are thick , compact , produce large amounts of resin, and know a lot of Cheese but with a strong lemony aftertaste of OG Kush , this mixture of flavors is what we liked most of the crossing, a taste strong , intense, complex, with different tones, and accompanied by a more than considerable power . In fact, it is more potent than pure Cheese , and also more stimulating effect .

Genetics: Indica predominance
Flowering : 55 days
THC: High
Production: High
Overall Height: up to 3m

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Mostly Indica
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